Types of Services

SEED AI offers a wide range of services, from trainings and workshops all the way to custom AI turn-key solutions. We adapt our approach and services to cater to our clients' unique processes and objectives to ensure ensure maximum impact.

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  • Custom AI Solutions

  • Training and Workshops

  • Transformation Methodology

Trainings and Workshops

SEED AI offers a wide-range of trainings and workshops, for organizations at all maturity levels. We also build custom content based on our clients' current knowledge and growth objectives in terms of data and analytical maturity.

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Eligible for Public Funding and Subsidies!

Many of our trainings and workshops are eligible for reimbursement or subsidies. Don't hesitate to reach out to us to learn more!

Data Value Chain

Data is a commodity and has its own value-chain, from data collection to value generation through business intelligence and artificial intelligence. At SEED AI, we are data experts and offer services all along the data-value chain to drive business impact.

Data Collection


Data Storage

Data Engineering

Machine Learning

Business Intellingence


Our Methodology

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Training, Ideation and Calls for Ideas


Training, ideation and call for ideas to demystify AI and empower organization members to identify value-creation opportunities within their activities.

Project Structuring


Structuring ideas into projects to reduce risks and prioritize them, based on impact and technical feasibility.

Data Audits


Check the quality, quantity and accessibility of required data sets before investing more in project to reduce risks.

Proof of Concept


Test the feasibility of potential AI solution through a time-constrained sprint of 1 to 3 weeks to limit risks and demonstrate the potential impact and ROI



Design and deployment of a custom solution to bring the full potential of the AI application to the organization, while transferring the code and knowledge linked to it. In many cases, complete process transformation is required.

Case Study: Application at the Bank of Canada

Learn more about its impact with the case study at the Bank of Canada!

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